• InstituteN/A
  • ProgramCriminal Justice
  • RegionCalgary

I took a Law Enforcement Diploma at BVC and then transferred to Athabasca to study Governance, Law, and Management.

What's in My Bag?

  1. Is there anything missing from this picture that is usually in your bag?
    I forgot my water bottle! Water is key to keeping the mind fresh and the body feeling great.

  2. Which item do you think you couldn’t live without?
    My watch, because time management is important to me. I hate being late, it stresses me out!

  3. If your bag had a name, what would it be?
    My bag’s name would have to be Will.

  4. Which of the items in your bag would you recommend other students always have on hand, and why?
    I'd recommend everyone carry ski goggles in their bag, because they are super stylish! But seriously… whatever helps you deal with stress is important to have on hand.

  5. What item from your bag would your friends say represents you the most?
    I’d have to say my ski goggles represent me the best. I try to get out to skiing as often as I can in the winter.

  6. Be honest, did you add any items to your bag to make your profile seem more interesting/cool?
    Okay fine, I don't actually carry a globe around in my bag... but it adds a little flare to the picture.

  7. If you could trade bags for a day with another Ambassador, who would you choose, and why?
    If I had to choose one to trade with for the day I’d have to say Eric. I haven’t skateboarded in a long time and he’s got some wicked style.

Dec 18, 2015