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I studied and worked in the hospitality industry and now, with 9 years of post-secondary under my belt, law school is next!

I’m a child of Calgary suburbia with a bit of a dramatic streak. In junior and senior high I studied performing arts and got honours in most classes except for math and science. Towards the end of high school my parents, friends, and teachers started asking me about my next step. I’d long since given up my dream of moving to Hollywood, but I wasn’t sure what to do instead. I thought about a makeup school in BC, but I didn’t feel ready to move away from home.

I applied to my local community college (Mount Royal) and, although I got in, never received an acceptance package. I didn’t know how to enroll in classes, and things quickly went from bad to worse: I failed two out of three of my classes! I was working part time as a server and living at home for free so I could pay for school, but I didn’t like the feeling that I was wasting my money! Eventually I got the hang of college life and started taking classes that interested me. I even spent a summer abroad studying French in Quebec!

After that experience I decided to switch gears, leaving college to pursue a two year technical diploma through SAIT that would equip me to manage a hotel or restaurant. Since I’d been working in the hospitality industry for years as a server, it felt like a perfect fit. I started fresh at SAIT and really found my niche.

It wasn’t long before another travel opportunity came across my path, an international business course in Singapore!

During my time at SAIT I took a course that sparked my interest in legal studies, so after finishing my diploma I decided to pursue law. I went back to Mount Royal but didn’t have the grades to get into their criminal justice program. So, I decided to take some general courses and try to improve my average. Now that I had a clear goal in mind, I applied myself much more. One of my professors advised me to look into programs that would help me get into law school, so I applied to the University of Calgary’s Law & Society program.

Since I already had several years of schooling behind me many of my past courses followed me to the U of C, which meant I could finish my degree in 2.5 years instead of five! In that short time I’ve been focusing on volunteering and community involvement to boost my chances of getting into law school. I’m entering the last year of my degree, writing my honours thesis, and studying to write the LSAT entrance exam for law school!

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