• InstituteMount Royal University
  • ProgramGeneral Science
  • RegionCalgary

I never thought I was the type to get really involved in student life, but these days I'm super involved on campus and it's rad!

I was born and raised in Northern Manitoba, and spent most of my time shielding myself from the cold! Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be living close to the school I went to, but man I do not miss those winters. I grew up playing sports like volleyball, basketball, and curling. I’ve always loved school and still do—it’s the place where I see my friends everyday, discover new books, and spend hours in the library reading. It feels like home to me.

During the summer before 9th grade I moved to Calgary. The move was really hard on me, and I struggled to make friends. Needless to say I was feeling homesick. It wasn’t until my last two years of high school that I finally started to feel like I belonged. I became the editor of our school yearbook and started to become more involved in other extracurricular activities—I even started curling again!

But when grade 12 rolled around, things took a turn. I was lost and confused about my future and what I wanted to do next. I lacked confidence, and actually put off applying to university until two days before the application deadline.

I ended up applying to science programs because I knew that one day I wanted to become a doctor. I also decided to go to university because both my parents never had the opportunity, and I wanted them to be proud and taken care of in the future.

Fast forward to my first year of university, and I was not enjoying myself at all. I struggled to make friends, and also struggled a lot with mental health. I constantly questioned myself and the choice I made to go to university, and seriously considered not coming back for my second year. I doubted myself a lot, and strongly believed that I’d never be able to pursue a career in the healthcare field. Despite all these negative feelings, I somehow found it in me to stay for my second year, hoping this would just be a bump in the road.

And it was. I’m now in my last year of my general science degree at Mount Royal University. I’m heavily involved on our campus as President of our Student Society of Science and Technology club that I started with a few of my friends earlier this year. I’ve also got big dreams to pursue my master’s in Public Health next year and then move on to medical school to deliver children and advocate for women’s health. It’s crazy how much things have changed.

University has definitely turned itself around for me, and now I never want to leave. Like my dad always says, “Education is the most important thing, because it’s something that you can control and something no one can ever take away from you.” I live by these words every day; they’re a constant reminder of why I do the things I do. School will always and forever be a place I call home.