• InstituteBow Valley College
  • ProgramCriminal Justice
  • RegionCalgary

When I was in high school I couldn’t wait to be finished, but now that I get to choose what I learn school is awesome.

I was born in Red Deer but have lived in Calgary for most of my life. Growing up I loved skiing, baseball, and videogames. For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a police officer like my dad.
In high school I enjoyed getting to see my friends everyday and playing football, but the actual school part wasn’t for me. I found my classes boring, so I didn’t try my hardest. By the time graduation came around I was stoked to know I wouldn’t have to sit through another class for a while. I was going to take a year off to work and make money! Sounds awesome, right? Well, that plan didn’t exactly pan out.

When September rolled around I was working at a landscaping company. All my friends were going back to school and I felt sorry for them because I was out making money. That all changed when they started talking about how “sweet” post-secondary was.

Turns out, my friends were having an incredible time at school while I was going to work every day. I started feeling sorry for myself instead.

I changed my mind about taking the year off and wanted to go back to school, too. I considered applying to Criminal Justice at Mount Royal University (MRU), but psyched myself out when I started thinking: “what if I don’t want to be a police officer?” I dropped that idea and enrolled in Business instead. I quickly discovered that Business didn’t interest me.

After I completed my first semester in Business (barely) I applied to SAIT for Carpentry. The summer before I started the program I got a job at a renovation company. While working there I realized that I had no interest in doing carpentry for the rest of my life.

During that time I also had a job as a prison guard, where I worked alongside police officers. That experience made me realize that being a police officer was my true calling. I talked to an academic advisor about applying to MRU’s Criminal Justice program and was told that even though I met the minimum requirements I wasn’t close to the competitive average to get in.

So I upgraded for a semester, and now I’m on a waitlist for the program. For now, I’ve enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program as “undeclared” so that I can start taking classes towards the Criminal Justice degree. Honestly, post-secondary it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. It’s amazing how much your perspective on school changes when you take classes you’re excited about.

Jan 19, 2017
Oct 21, 2016